Incredible High Voltage performances for any level of events
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Our own equipment of highest reliability
10 years of experience
Professional Tesla Show №1 in Russia !
Everyone get amazed!
All over the world
At 2016 we were among finalists of one of the most popular TV-shows in Italy, "Tu Si Que Vales" and established our storage in Europe to make logistics easier.
We have our bases of operations in Moscow and Barcelona. We can bring our artificial lightning storm to any location in the world!
Professional tesla show №1 in Russia!
Tesla FX was among first professional electrical shows with musical tesla coils in the world. We ride the lightning for 10 years, creating sparks and amazing shows at events of any level.
Controlled lightning100% biggest one!
Our performance based on interaction of stuntman and tesla coils, generating electrical discharges of millions volts. We have special software to control voltage using our laptop in tacts of music, written in MIDI-track format. Also it’s compatible with traditional MIDI-synthesizer and any musician on stage can hanle it. We have developed very reliable equipment, suitable for quick setup at any stage and conditions.
Our show is absolutely safe
We can guarantee that our lightning is real and the biggest one you can see from close distance! And you will be 100% safe because we have 10 years of experience and physics laws is on our side. And, regardless of age, you will certainly experience an inexpressible excitement by the true Power of Electricity!
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